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Phone Locker

With the distractions of technology impacting the way we live and work, an APC Phone locker is secure and just what you need to remove this!

As well as offering staff greater security for their phones and valuables, the phone lockers have been found to help eliminate the temptation for staff to message, view, post and be lured into all those other shiny distractions that come with today's smartphones.


White Satin
Silver Grey
Graphite Ripple

Custom colours available upon request.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flush mounted doors with 180 degree opening capability
  • Card holder provision on each locker door for easy identification
  • Key lock as standard, padlatch, RFID or digital lock options available
  • Quality powder coated finish
  • 10 year product warranty

Technical Specifications

Our lockers are available in the following sizes:

Configuration Height Width Depth
30 Door 940mm 900mm 225mm
60 Door 1810mm 900mm 225mm

Need something more custom?

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Locker Locks

Locking Mechanism

At APC we try to make our lockers compatible with all locking mechanisms. However, our standard locking options are a great selection to safely secure any stored object. If you can’t see an option that is right for you, just contact us.  

  1. Padlatch: The padlatch requires a padlock to be added to secure the locker. 
  2. Key Lock: The simplest form of locking mechanism that we supply and comes with a spare set of keys in case you misplace a set.
  3. RFID Lock: Made for quick access via a keycard or bracelet, the RFID lock offers a convenient swipe-to-open action made for keycard or bracelet use. 
  4. Digital Lock: The Guub P152 is the perfect digital locking mechanism. This is a keyless lock reliant on a combination to open. It is best in communal areas where many different people require access to the locker compartment. 

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