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Design Philosophy

We believe that the products you invest in should last, in particularly without causing interruption to your workplace. At APC, we design products based on a range of criteria that include functionality, a high level of performance, longevity, and with the ability to reuse, reconfigure and recycle as needs change.  We strive to provide solutions to our clientele that are enduring, versatile, functional, intelligent, delightful and original. 

APC’s philosophy on creating integrated designs are based on simplicity and functionality. These ideals have remained the keystones of our company’s success and is at the heart of everything we do. Through our office storage equipment selection, we will help you shape the right corporate image, have the most productive workplace and create the largest possible return on your investment. 


Bespoke Product

Allowing our customers to have the choice to customise or co-create products has resulted in a large range of unique products that have been added to our selection. This simply means that there is no limit to what we can provide to our customers in terms of colour, functionality or storage potential. Our team of experienced Designers and Engineers will work with you to ensure the customised or bespoke product that is created, suits your exact needs. Our collaborative team will support you from the concept stage to site delivery, not only minimising risk but enhancing your project outcome.

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Quality & Warranty

To back up our commitment to longevity of our products, we have extended warranty periods for our complete product range. For assistance with maintenance, repairs or to refresh your existing product please contact our Head Office in Perth.

Product Care

It is important that maintenance be completed on a regular basis. Dirt, grime and airborne salt deposits from the atmosphere (depending on location) are capable of causing damage to the coating surface and must be regularly removed. It is recommended that cleaning be done routinely at a three-monthly interval; six months should be considered the maximum interval especially if the item is in a marine or other corrosive environments and areas prone to moisture. In the cleaning process, the following should be noted:

  1. Cleaning should be done with a dilute solution of a mild liquid detergent in warm water. Avoid excessively hot liquid.
  2. Use a soft sponge or soft bristle brush depending on deposits.
  3. Please ensure after cleaning the surface that the product is rinsed.
  4. Do not use strong solvents.
  5. In the cleaning process from our factory, we use an orange based spray, do not use a strong solvent as they may cause damage to the powder coat. Highly recommended that a spot check is completed on the hidden surface if unsure.
  6. Where marks require a stronger clean a cream based cleaner is ideal, but will require further rinsing.