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Workstation Cabinets

Getting the most out of your limited space is no easy task. APC's workstation cabinets provide a selection of furniture that is built to sit underneath your desk making use of space that is commonly unused.

All of APC's workstation cabinets are on wheels, allowing your workplace to move and adapt easily to any changes.

Mobile Caddy

APC's Mobile Caddy is ideal for under desk storage or as an extended workspace storage unit, encouraging interaction between employees while minimising clutter from spare seating.

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Mobile Pedestal - Architecture Range

With the evolution of technology, there has been a significant reduction in the need for filing space. The Architecture Range of Mobile Pedestals have adapted to the changing world by introducing its least intrusive workstation cabinet, designed to suit any office area.

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Mobile Pedestal - Classic Design

For those with a bit more traditional taste, this long serving favourite brings a slightly vintage feel back to office furniture. This Blue Tick - AFRDI approved pedestal is designed and built to last.

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