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Storage Cabinets

APC offer a large range of customised office storage cabinets to suit your office environment. Our range includes tambour door, sliding door, stationery, plan and multimedia cabinets to suit your workplace.

With a large range of colours, sizes and applications, our cabinet range can do it all. If however you need something that you can't see, just let us know!

Tambour Door Cabinet

Tambour cabinets use retractable doors that hide within the unit. Due to this you have complete access to your securely stored items without taking up any more space when in use. 

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Storage Cabinet

APC's swing door storage cabinets provide an easy to access, secure storage option that can be added to any area. 

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Sliding Door Cabinet

Sliding Door Cabinets are ideal for narrow spaces as the doors do not interfere with walkways, allowing you to make the most out of the space you have available. 

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Multimedia Cabinet

APC's Multimedia Cabinet has been designed to sort and securely store all your small items. Drawer dividers are available to provide an organised and structured storage solution. 

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Plan Cabinet

APC Plan Cabinets are designed specifically to store and protect plans, drawings and maps. The drawer size allows for paper up to size A0 (841 x 1189mm) to fit without bending.

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