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Commercial Systems

APC Office Storage Systems are optimised through a strong emphasis on design and manufacturing. We provide customised furniture and storage solutions to fulfil any office storage or office fit out requirement.

We focus on storage efficiency and utilising all available space for a more productive environment.


APC commercial shelving systems incorporate a versatile and efficient design, which means your custom office storage solution can be met with perfection. Custom shelving units are built to suit a diverse range of applications and meet all of your storage solutions needs.

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APC Office lockers offer compact and secure personal storage solutions. They include reinforced doors with ventilation, a secure locking mechanism and a high quality powder coated finish.

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Filing Cabinets

APC filing cabinets are a simple product that have one purpose: to store a large amount of filing in a limited area. The addition of these units can quickly reduce clutter and increase office productivity.

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Workstation Cabinets

Getting the most out of your limited space is no easy task. APC's workstation cabinets provide a selection of furniture that is built to sit underneath your desk making use of space that is commonly unused.

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Storage Cabinets

APC offer a large range of customised office storage cabinets to suit your office environment. Our range includes tambour door, sliding door, stationery, plan and multimedia cabinets to suit your workplace.

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