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Modern Office Storage Solutions

With many modern offices transitioning to a design focused around hot-desking, employees often find it difficult to have a consistent space to leave their belongings. Without an effective storage plan in place, the clean aesthetic an open planned office provides, can be ruined by staff belongings.

Staff Lockers

Personal lockers are a space-efficient solution for staff to store personal items that won’t need to be accessed while at work. APC offer a wide range of locker models with different material options including laminate lockers, steel lockers and plastic lockers. These lockers can also be produced in custom colours and sizes with a range of locking solutions available, as well as offering mobile phone charging capabilities as an option.

These lockers can seamlessly fit into your current office space, break rooms, walkways and change rooms to give your staff a convenient location close to their selected workstation for the day.

Storage Cabinets

APC’s range of storage cabinets are ideal for use in shared workspaces to provide accessible storage for items multiple team members need to access. Commonly used to store files, documents and equipment that is shared around the office, but gives each item a secure place to be stored to avoid office clutter.

With a range of sizes and designs available, APC can provide the perfect cabinet solution for your office. The range includes APC’s Tambour Door Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and Sliding Door Cabinets that can be produced in custom sizes and colours to best suit your storage needs.

Want some advice on what storage solutions would best suit your office? Click here to get in contact with the APC team.