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How to Choose the Right Colour Furniture for Your Office

Looking to re-design your whole office or just give it a make over? Read below about the importance of colour design throughout different areas of your office.

The importance of colour design and the impact it can have on human behaviour has long been debated, but research strongly indicates that in the workplace it can have a profound effect on productivity, collaboration and employee happiness.

Making good use of colour design principles doesn’t necessarily require an entire re-fit of your office. Simply injecting some colour through the use of accent furniture, utilising clean and minimalistic pieces or a fresh coat of paint can dramatically change how a space may feel.

Different spaces can benefit from different colour designs dependent on how you want someone to feel there. For example, do you want your employees or clients to feel confident, inspired, relaxed or entertained?

Reception Areas

First impressions count, and your reception space should be warm and welcoming. This is a great opportunity to use colours that are linked with your company branding, logo and website. This space should have some life injected into it through the use of colour and not feel clinical and bland, as this often makes your visitors feel on edge and uncomfortable.

Many companies prefer maintaining a neutral look in these reception spaces, so we recommend adding in a pop of colour through artwork, workstation pedestals or a coloured rug.

Throughout the Office

‘Cool colours’ like blues, greens and greys are popular choices for office spaces. This ranges from the partition boarding on workstations, workstation pedestals, filing cabinets and storage cabinets.

These colours have the ability to soothe, boost concentration and minimise anxiety. Having a balance is key though, as using too much blue, especially darker shades, can tip the mood from relaxing to melancholy. It is recommended here, like with reception spaces, to add some brighter elements to increase the energy of the room, like a coloured rug, some art or vibrantly coloured chairs.

Breakout Spaces

Breakout spaces are greatly important when it comes to employee satisfaction. Whether it’s a staff lounge, kitchen, or even the office hallways, these are the spaces to be more experimental and expressive with the colours used. These smaller spaces are ideal for playful colour picks which stimulate energy and invoke optimism.

No matter what colour furniture you decide to decorate your office with, APC can help make the space unique. On top of our stock colour range, our local manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer Dulux, Interpon or RAL colours across our product ranges. For more information, contact our team to discuss the options.