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How Can You Make Your Office More Accommodating to Different Working Styles?

Workplaces are adapting to cater to individual employee personalities, allowing employees to choose a space that makes them feel more comfortable brining higher productivity, morale and retention.

Many employers are stuck in the narrow mindset of the traditional office where employees are assigned a cubicle and sit at their desks all day. The corporate workplace has undergone some dramatic changes in the past decade, beginning to factor in individual employee personalities when managing the office environment. This has involved having a multi-zone office, compiled of a range of workplace environments in one, allowing employees to choose a space that resonates with them, bringing higher productivity, morale, and retention.

Quiet Spaces

Many employees thrive in a quiet space, removed from the distractions of others. In an open office environment, it can be difficult for these employees to escape the noise and distractions of others. Quiet spaces are a perfect solution for these detail-oriented employees, allowing them to focus on complex work.

Collaboration Spaces

Much the opposite of a quiet space, collaboration spaces encourage teamwork and communication, perfect for employees who won’t enjoy their work if they spend the whole day by themselves. Collaboration spaces can be as simple as setting up large round tables in shared communal areas.

Breakout Spaces

Making employees comfortable and enjoying their time at the office is a crucial element for employee retention. Simple additions to the workplace like bean bags, TVs and coffee machines can make a dramatic difference in allowing an employee to relax while in the office. Using these spaces for informal meetings, causal conversations or a simple break from work can have a dramatic impact on morale.

By incorporating a range of workstyle zones into your office design, you put your company in a position for future growth and sustainability, by not only making your employees more productive but much happier too.