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7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office.

Swing into Spring by cleaning the the office!

Every office should find time to Spring clean. Having a clean and clutter-free office can work wonders for the overall functionality of your employees and business.

Keep Only What You Need at Arm’s Length

Only keep essential items on your desk and within reach. Supplies, paperwork and personal items should be stored away.

Create a Filing System

Ongoing project files can be kept close by but anything else should be filed away. Make sure you file paperwork appropriately so you can find it again easily.

Establish Limits

When cabinets, drawers and files become overloaded, it’s time to get rid of items or look at boxing them up and storing them in a more centralised storage system such as mobile shelving.

Divide Your Workspace

Your desk can be used for your computer and for storing current project files but ensure you have a separate area for the storage of office supplies and a filing area for paperwork.

Organise Your Drawer

Go through your drawer regularly to clear out anything that is not being used or should be stored elsewhere.

Appropriately Store Personal Items

Personal items can crowd a space if there is no specified place for storing them. Wall hooks or lockers should be used to store these items to reduce clutter and trip hazards.

Sort Your Desktop

Your computer is an essential tool. A cluttered desktop with too many icons can be overwhelming and make it hard to find documents. Create a logical filing digital system so you can find what you need when you need it.

Having the right storage furniture can be helpful when it comes to filing and organising paperwork and other important items. APC has a range of practical storage solutions for your everyday office storage needs. Our range includes filing cabinets, storage cabinets, mobile pedestals, mobile shelving, open shelving, industrial shelving, wire shelving, workstation cabinets, wall hooks and lockers.

Download our office Spring Cleaning Checklist.