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NSW Museum Project

Client: Powerhouse Museum, Australian Museum & Sydney Living Museum
Location: Castle Hills, NSW, Australia

When three of the oldest, most reputable museums in Australia require customised storage options to help store their wide range of Australian Artefacts, we couldn't be happier! Not only did the project allow us to show off our Australian made product, but has also provided the perfect customised storage solutions to safely store and preserve thousands of historical objects.


In a joint venture, three of the oldest, most reputable NSW museums collaborated to share facilities in Castle Hill, New South Wales to store, protect and display the items under their possession. Participating museums included: The Powerhouse Museum, the Australian Museum and Sydney Living Museum. The project was put out to government tender in September 2015, based on a spec written by JPA&D Architecture and Design. APC won the tender on the basis of our competitive pricing; as well as our proven experience and capability.


Hundreds of thousands of items that needed to be stored and displayed on each of the buildings three floors, sized at 3000 square meters. Items covered zoological and biological specimens from natural history; man-made artifacts from ancient and contemporary history; as well as artifacts specifically sourced from Australian history. A lot of these items were very fragile and expensive. Some were even priceless. The curators had a vision of how they wanted the new storage space to work and needed APC to realise that vision.


APC offered not just a way of storing these items - but of helping to protect and care for them. The project was planned over a 9 month period starting in March 2016. Installation was carried out on all three floors simultaneously. A combination of Aislesaver, Uni-Span Long Span Shelving, Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, and Coolroom Shelving were incorporated as part of the full storage solution, which required thousands of customised drawers and trays; and hundreds of lineal meters of mobile and fixed shelving.


APC was successful with the roll-out of this massive, once-in-a-lifetime project. All three museums, the architects and builders were satisfied the vision was realised. The project remained within budget constraints and clear communication was maintained at all times between the relevant stakeholders. The Australian public now have a great facility where they can view the wonderful, rare collection of the new /Castle Hill facility called the Museum Discovery Centre (MDC).