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David Jones - Back off House

Client: David Jones
Location: Australia Wide

APC manufactured and installed a number of mobile shelving systems, static shelving units and lockers across several David Jones stores throughout Australia. These stores required durable, efficient and adaptable back off house storage to allow for more items to be kept on site and which could be easily located and accessed by staff. APC was selected for each of these jobs through a competitive tender process for our ability to meet the requirements stipulated by David Jones.


How retail back off house space is utilised makes a big difference to how much and how effectively stock can be stored. Seven David Jones stores across Australia - located in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland - required mobile and static shelving for the storage of clothing, shoes, cosmetics and homewares. Some of these stores were new builds and others were upgrades and refurbishments. Lockers were also essential, so staff and visitors could store personal items. All projects combined had APC manufacture and install more than 70 mobile storage systems, more than 100 static shelving units and about 200 steel lockers. APC was selected for each of these jobs through a competitive tender process for our ability to meet the storage needs required by David Jones.


All stores required a customised and adaptable storage solution. The mechanically assisted (compactus styled) mobile shelving had to support high daily use, with staff opening and closing the system multiple times per day. Lockers were also required and had to be designed to suit the specific dimensions required and feature sloping tops.


Our solution met the needs of all the David Jones stores and comprised of mechanically assisted mobile shelving systems (Ezi-Drive Aislesaver®), APC’s steel shelving (Uni-Shelf®) and a combination of two and four-tiered steel lockers. APC’s Ezi-Drive Aislesaver® was selected because it is durable, long lasting and has been designed to support a high level of use. Its ergonomically designed wheel and heard wearing runner surface makes the unit safe and easy for staff to operate. Additionally, the unit can be easily adapted and expanded to suit changing storage needs as different products come into season. Larger units with more bays were equipped with a steel track, capable of moving larger systems and larger loads. Units with fewer bays were assembled with an aluminium track which sits on top of the floor, making it easily relocatable. APC’s Ezi-Drive Aislesaver® bays were fitted with a combination of adjustable steel shelving and hanging rails to allow a wide variety of items to be stored. APC’s steel lockers were specially designed and manufactured to meet the size requirements required by David Jones and included sloping tops and key lock mechanisms.


Our storage solution creates optimal storage space for inventory for all seven David Jones stores. APC's mobile and static shelving creates a tidy and well organised back off house area, allowing staff to find items quickly. Additionally, the shelving and hanging rails of the mobile and static shelving units can be adjusted to accommodate the changing storage needs of these stores. APC provides bespoke commercial storage solutions using locally sourced materials. However, we realise the task comes down to more than just selecting the right shelving. Although these seven stores required similar products, each job involved a thorough consultative process to ensure the specific needs of each store were met.